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With our home CCTV you can easily identify visitors and snoopers on your property, installing CCTV on entrance points of your property is a quick and easy way to increase your home security. – the possibilities are limitless with Recon Technology.


Home CCTV systems are ideal for those wanting to save money on home insurance, as Recon Technology provides insurance grade cameras that save you money whilst providing the highest quality of security on your property.


Protect your loved ones, vehicles and most prized possessions with an industry leading CCTV system. Indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras can be tailored to your needs and with the advice from our experienced installation experts we can guarantee your needs and expectations will be exceeded.


What's better, you will see no wires in or on your property, with a secluded installation.

With a CCTV system installed by Recon Technology you can easily identify customers at the entrance or within your business – CCTV systems are a simple and effective way to increase your productivity and security.


The reasoning behind each customer wanting to install CCTV may be different, but rest assured, your business and its assets are safe and protected 24/7 with the highest quality CCTV cameras.


Keep an eye on deliveries in and out of your building, vehicles in your car park and identify who is entering or leaving your premises.

Have your cameras automatically take the temperature accurately of each individual person that enters your building, complying with the legalities of the new COVID-19 guidelines.


Maintenance and preventative care are essential in keeping your security systems effective. We offer a range of service and maintenance packages – Fill out our short form for us to contact you to discuss our offered packages.

Our CCTV maintenance service includes testing all the main functions of the system including:

  • Image quality, orientation and adjustment

  • Environmental integrity of all external weatherproof boxes and connections

  • Supplementary lighting, including infra-red

  • Playback of recorded images

Where applicable for monitored systems, as part of our security services we also check the setting and removal procedures, external detector alignment, system activation and alarmed image receipt at the RVRC (Remote Video Receiving Centre); plus the all-important UPS battery backup integrity check – giving you the confidence that your system will be fully functional and protecting your property in the coming months.

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